100 UPC EAN Codes Numbers Barcodes for Global Amazon eBay



UPC EAN Barcodes Codes Barcode Numbers

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Usually, I will send you a download link in the message if the codes quantity more than 100, you can click it and download directly,  it is safety, just Ignore the Chrome risk notice If Chrome noticed. it is a Compressed package and I set Unzip Password . then go to the download Folders,  you can open encrypted zip file and get the codes through following steps : 

click the Compressed package >> right click extract to (or anything else, it is always Compressed package’s name )\>> type the password (I will send you the password in message), then you will see all the codes in document , Usually , I set two Format files, one is text, one is excel .

you must type the password , otherwise you can just see anything looks like blank text or excel.

If you can’t find anything, Maybe the downloaded files damaged, delete it and download again. Or you can ask me send you the codes file to your email address without password.

If you have any other questions , please feel free to contact us .

Support – Contact Us with any issues at all, glad to help!


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